Prop Bets

If you want to open up a debate a live poker table is the perfect time to do it. You got 8-9 other people (including the dealer) who can offer their thoughts on a subject and you all got money in front of you to bet on who’s right!

One of the best prop bets I ever seen was at Caesars in Vegas. This young Chinese lady was on the $2/$5 on Friday night straddling, drinking and chatting loads. She points to an entrance into the cardroom and says ‘I bet you guys 4-1 that the next person who walks through that entrance is a woman’ and everyone is thinking well there’s loads more poker players who are guys than who are women that’s a crazy bet! Some people bet $1 some bet $5 some bet $10 and it looked like she was about to pay out a big load of money. Everyone had their eye on the entrance waiting to see who came through next.

And a waitress walks through! Oh yeah they come through the doors quite frequently don’t they- genius! No-one saw that coming.

At the Hippodrome cardroom in London someone was talking about prescriptions and I said that if you are a doctor you can write a prescription for someone on any bit of paper sign it and the patient can take it to any pharmacy. One of the weekend regulars I know really well explains that you can write a cheque on anything-even a napkin and take it to the bank they will have to accept it as well.

Hmm I wasn’t sure about that one but he is so CERTAIN about this right so I say to him that if he writes out a cheque on a napkin and I’ll put in my details on it and sign it that he can keep the money if it goes into his account. If it don’t go in then he owes ME the amount of the cheque.

Nothings left my account yet…

He’s probably going to pay me back in postage stamps.

JoeyCraigProTip: You can use postage stamps as currency, be sure to report anyone who wont accept your wads of stamps as payment!