Poker in London 


The Hippodrome in Leicester Square is the PokerStars Live venue for London so everytime there is a badbeat someone says ‘LOL pokerstars FML’You get free soft drinks whilst you play so you can drink your own weight in caffeine while you sit motionless for the next 12 hours as well as 65p/hour comps (RAKEBACK) which you can use towards food and stuff. You can leave deposits at the main desk and it’s very quick to access funds there using this method.

They host the UKIPT so there’s usually a decent tournament there once a month or so in the £250-500 range and sometimes higher stakes too.

The vast majority of cash games are £1/£2 and £2/£5 games usually open once a day towards the late evening- especially on weekends.

The games here are 99% Hold’em it’s very rare to see anything else.

The dealers and floor staff are exceptional.

Home to such regulars as:

  1. The guy who tells everyone they are playing too tight when they are the tightest player at the table/ in London
  2. That Chinese guy
  3. All of the dealers from the other London Casinos
  4. Kelly Saxby

Did I miss any? Leave in the comments!

JoeyCraigProTip: I saw Jack Salter playing £1/£2 there once. I stole his bb (literally took it home) it has a current retail value of £25,000.   PLEASE BUY IT OFF ME DMDMDM