Poker Training


Do you need a seasoned player to discuss some hands with? Want to make a little bit more money in your regular game or crush your friends in the home games?

I’ve built up a wealth of experience playing millions of hands online and in the live arena for over 15 years.

I specialise in helping players improve at low/mid-stakes No Limit Holdem (£1/£1, £1/£2, £1/£3, £2/£5). I also run low-medium fast-forward(zoom) 6-max strategy seminars on partypokerTV every Tuesday.

I cater for all types of players and will help you hit the ground running if you are fresh to the game and look to add value to your strategy and leakfind if you are a veteran.

The rate is £70 per hour for face to face and £55/ hour for online coaching.

I use facilities like Skype, Twitch and Googledocs to help my students but can also arrange to meet in London.





My ultimate goal is to have students that I can entrust to educate other players at the beginner and intermediate levels in the future so I can concentrate on playing more and teaching more advanced concepts to higher-stakes players.

I suggest for my new students we start with a pre-flop strategy chat and overall game-plan discussion for beating live low-stakes poker for 1-2 hours. Once you have created your new mindset you can come to me with live hand histories where you got stuck or weren’t sure what the correct move was and that will open up new theory concepts for us to explore in the future.

Tuesday nights (9pm) I can answer live questions during my partypoker stream on twitchTV, this was last weeks stream…
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Feedback for Joe:

Initially we established my goals which was to improve my live poker game in the short term. Joe was able to make my goals more realistic and make me more aware of what was possible based on his experience. 

I was amazed at how little I knew. I always knew I knew nothing but it is a great feeling that there are oceans of knowledge to dive into! I have learnt a lot so far and I am looking forward to learning more in the future.

The first thing I noticed was how I felt more in control of my play and the hands I was in! This opened my eyes and revealed to me that I could become a better player. I already was winning a small amount consistently but even after my first coaching session just realised my win rate was going to go up long term!

Joe was very clear in his instruction providing clear reasons why he recommends a specific approach. He also helped me prioritise areas where I need to focus on based on my strengths and weaknesses.

I immediately noticed how I was making basic mistakes and that I needed to follow Joe’s advice to remove these mistakes/leaks. The most challenging aspect is to change these mistakes and remove them all permanently. Joe is helping me with these and despite my natural instincts I am improving and have every confidence I will remove all of these errors from my game.

Joe is a patient coach and ensures I understand every concept and skill required. I am happy he allows me to go at my own pace and answers all the questions and analysis topics. This gives me supreme confidence I will be able to achieve my dream and become an excellent poker player in the future.

I have spent a lot of time learning pre-flop play with Joe. There is a lot of information to take in and when I am playing well and utilising all these skills I feel empowered and foresee much more success in the future.

After my first 10 live poker sessions after starting coaching with Joe I won 27% of  profit what I won in approx 60 sessions at the same stakes. This equates to me winning 60% more for each session. I am extremely happy with this outcome as I expect to improve a lot more in the future!

Joe has helped me become a more knowledgeable and skillful player. I know I will become even better with Joe’s coaching and look forward to more enjoyable and rewarding poker tuition and guidance.

This students graph shown below is recorded from very the beginning of our coaching sessions together