Who Dis?



Joey Craig Poker 

@ilikebigbetsandicannotlie (Instagram)


This is my poker life-so-far in bullet points:


  • Started playing online at Paradise Poker in 2003 when I was 16 🤫
  • First played live poker in 2005 back when you had to wear a suit and it was self-deal cash games only
  • Lost my first £2000+ pot at The Gutshot in 2005 with KK on 4AK6A (I didn’t play for a whole week after!)
  • Played poker Vs Welsh locals in Bangor from 2006-2008 and got a psychology degree
  • Played poker and Call Of Duty online 2009-2010
  • Got a real job 2010 at Barclays
  • Played poker part-time whilst working 2012-2014
  • Quit working in 2015 to play poker full-time
  • 1st Place 6-Max No-Limit Hold’em 1st Place WCOAP (APAT) London 2015 Joey Craig takes 6-max Bracelet.
  • Joe Craig Wins Player of the Series WCOAP (APAT) London 2015 APAT Summary 2015
  • Final Table High Roller Championship WCOAP (APAT) London 2015 Final Table High Roller 2015
  • Final Table Main Event WCOAP (APAT) London 2015 Final Table Main Event 2015
  • Played in Las Vegas for the first time and didn’t leave the casino for 5 days 2015
  • Travelled around playing poker 2016 – Even went to Korea 🇰🇷
  • Hosted a weekly strategy show on the PartyPoker TV channel on Twitch 2017-2018
  • Luckboxed into a job in 2018 creating social media content for a private clinic in Knightsbridge
  • Got on TV show on Channel 4 talking about poker and modafinil 😂 2019
  • Pretty much stopped playing live but kept studying and playing online 2020-2022
  • 2023 getting back in the mix playing least 100 sessions of live poker this year!


+50444.5bb and counting




2 thoughts on “Who Dis?

  1. Hi,
    I am aspring poker player, I’ve recently made a transition from live to online and things have not worked out as I thought.
    Not only I have to learn to install many different softwares to understsnd ranges in more detail and track my opponents stats, the pace just seem a bit too fast.

    I would like to arrange some training sessions with you online if you are available and see if that will help improve my game.


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    • Online poker is much more difficult than live!

      Hi Hassan, yes I still do coaching for a handful of players from when I produced content for PartyPokerTV. I run a social media marketing business now but I still play a great deal of poker (all online at the moment!).

      There are many hand ranges that you would need on how to handle each position but this article can give you an idea:


      As for coaching the next time you play online please record your screen and send me the footage (around 20-30 minutes would be good to start with)

      Once you’ve recorded the video you can send me the clip for free on this site:


      Send the link to joeycraigpoker@hotmail.com

      Then I can take a look we can do a video call and I can go over the footage with you. We can also discuss the different types of software you might find useful too and go over some free-trials for you to test them out.


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