Seoul Food

If you’ve never been to Asia and you are white Caucasian then you are going to get stared at A LOT. There was this group of them that enveloped us- all smiles and that, and one of them whipped out a big camera so I was thinking ‘oh they want me to take a picture of them’ but NO that was not what they wanted… They started to link arms with us and say something in Chinese that I assume must’ve been ‘CHEESEEEE’ and that was the first time I was abused by an Asian person holding a camera on my holiday.

They have these wierd ATM’s that look like fruit machines which was a gamble really because the odds of not getting your money out of it was about 3:1


And the actual fruit was ridiculously expensive….

2 melons, 3 apples and some grapes £135. The same value as Aces in a £1/£1 No-Limit Cash Game.


There are two poker rooms in Seoul, the one I played at was called Walker-Hill Paradise Casino and it is set inside a big shopping centre up a massive hill. The first thing I noticed about this casino was that I was the only white guy in the entire place and the second thing was that there was lots of ice-cream about.


 Evidence of ice-cream


If you want to pretend to be a baller then this is the game for you because you can buy in for 1 Million!……. Korean Won… (it’s still a million though right!?) The Game was the equivalent of £1/£1 stakes but you could buy in for £600 so it was the deepest £1/£1 I’ve ever come across!

  2.4 Million!!!….. (in Korean Won)


JoeyCraigProTip: Play poker in Korea! Eat vast amounts of ice-cream and become a millionaire!





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